About Us

In 2006, the journey of DL Intrachem began towards becoming one of the leading Intermediate manufacturers in India. From a small dye & dye intermediate manufacturing unit, the company has today evolved into a diversified conglomerate with successful forays into Manufacturing of High quality Intermediates.

In less than a decade, the company has grown into India’s leading producer of Intermediates, accounting for increasing the production of its products inthe Indian market share. DL Intrachem, in comparison to its worldwide contemporaries, stands tall with an overall production of about 1100 MT/year. which is estimated to be one of the leading in manufacturing of the total India’s production. This places DL Intrachem amongst the Largest Intermediate producers in the world.

“These achievements are a result of the dynamic leadership of Founder Mr. Dhirubhai Thumar, Managing Director.”

We now possess a state of the art in Manufacturing and Research and Development Facility enabling us to constantly develop unique products and improve upon the existing ones. Our sound understanding of the various products has helped us to recommend lasting improvements in formulation techniques.

Throughout In last few years we have carefully established an infrastructure which has enabled us to become a one of the leading chemical producer in India and it is a very satisfying achievement for us, it further enhances our value to our customers by assuring our continued adherence to strict quality guidelines, and affirming that DL Intrachem remains committed to the highest industry standards.

DL Intrachem manufacturers a broad line of organic and inorganic chemical for a wide variety of applications. In a very short span of time we have developed a state of art in chemical production and as a part of expansion we have four production unit subsidiaries with well-equipped advanced multipurpose manufacturing capabilities.

Looking forward, DL Intrachem envisions being a leading Market successor in the field of intermediates by increasing production capacity by 30% in the next preceding years. The revenue generated, shall in turn be diverted to Research & Development, the core of DL Intrachem’s success.

Vision :

“Our proactive customer service, excellence in quality and unparalleled economical products will make us the best and the biggest reactive dyestuff producer in the world. We are totally committed to upgrading social, economic and environmental conditions of mankind”.


Mission :

“To consolidate the process and service across the globe, to generate solutions and future trends, providing our customers with the best competitive advantages and the maximum added value.”

We have based our Mission, our mission on four factors

  • Quality
  • Product
  • Service
  • Marketing

Values & Relation :

With the vast experience of more than 2 decade we have our clientele base across the globe serving our customers with the high value on our commitments, we value of customers and focus on the long term relationship, We have served our clients with no complaints and have prioritize on the satisfaction of our customers with that of our product, sales and services. This gives us the base of the maximum value advantage.


Services :

DL Intrachem is committed to strengthen its relationship with customers in order to understand the best ways of collaboration and to succeed in projects of mutual interest and benefit. Customer Service represents one of the basic functions of DL Intrachem to aid customer development. By means of a highly professional team and close co-operation with our customers, DL Intrachem provides the technological support and Technical Assistance required for technology transfer and contributes in this way to the ongoing improvement of its customer’s products and processes.